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During the Coronavirus Pandemic 2020-2021 a group of people came together and discussed how best to tackle the growing concerns about the long term affects this horrible virus has caused. People were becoming physically inactive, socially isolated, mental health was highlighted as a potential much greater burden to the health service and people living with chronic health conditions were simply deteriorating due to a combination of issues. Even children’s health was potentially affected.

A small team of people was formed “The trustees” individual specialists in community engagement, exercise, physical activity, rehabilitation, and health services- but above all a desire and passion to help people. Promoting Health UK the non-profit charity was formed.


The relief of sickness and the preservation of health among people residing permanently or temporarily in South Yorkshire, through

a. The provision of physical and emotional support for people living with chronic health conditions.

b. The provision of preventative health programmes.

c. The provision of information to enable people to help manage their conditions and maintain independence,

d. By raising awareness of lifestyle and health choices.